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Since the advent of the modern day vaccine, no drug has been so beneficial to both human and animal welfare as the vaccine for rabies.  Rabies is a virus that circulates in animals, and humans can catch the disease if they are bitten or scratched by an infected animal. But with increased awareness and access to these vaccines, we are able to save untold numbers of human and animal lives.

PAWS Spay Neuter ClinicBut vaccines do not come cheap, and many pet-owners cannot afford to properly vaccinate their animals.  So in honor of World Rabies Day, PAWS was awarded a grant from the Global Alliance for Rabies Control to be able to provide free rabies vaccinations to clients at our low-cost spay and neuter clinic.

"Our clinic offers low-cost vaccines, but many of our clients are unable to afford them" says Kay Joubert, PAWS Director of Companion Animal Services.

"The ability to offer these free rabies vaccines is a significant benefit, especially since their pets do not typically receive routine veterinary care and many of the clients have limited access to information about zoonotic disease prevention" says Joubert.

Thanks to this life-saving grant, PAWS veterinarians have been able to provide rabies vaccines for 118 dogs and cats, and they still have 132 left to offer.  "I'm so grateful that we have these to offer to our clients," says PAWS veterinary team member Felicia Larson. "Almost every person has taken advantage of the free rabies vaccine. It's awesome."

By providing rabies vaccines free of charge to clients at our low-cost spay and neuter clinic, PAWS is able to raise awareness about the impact, prevention and elimination of the rabies virus in our community and all over the world. 

Learn more about World Rabies Day and help spread the word!



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Great blog...


Thanks for reading, Oriana!

like this cat, so cute

Vaccines aren't cheap. It is very costly but thanks for honoring World Rabies Day. One vaccines saves millions of people.

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