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This week, Miss Jennie Warmouth's second grade class decided to write an adoption profile for not one special PAWS animal, but for two!  They chose bonded pair Belle and her friend Daphne, two kitty kindred spirits who would love to be adopted into a new home together. 

The students created this adorable profile for Belle and Daphne to encourage prospective adopters to take home these two best friends.  They even made a fun quiz, complete with an audio clip of the answers!  If you're looking for double the love, come meet Belle and Daphne at PAWS adoption partner Sunset Hill Vet in Ballard! 

Belle-DaphneDo you have TWO hands? Then perhaps you should have TWO cats to pet!

Belle and Daphne always want to be together! They love each other like sisters. True love should not be separated. These two best friends should be together always! These two are like MAGNETS! They just stick together!

Belle is a chatty catty, She loves attention. Then there is Daphne. Daphne is the quieter of the two. She is a sweet shy girl who follows her sister around! She is warm and loving, too!

Daphne is sweet as a Daffodil and Belle’s meow is musical like a bell! Both are nine years perfect.



Q1: Which kitty is the shy cat?

Q2: Which kitty looks like she has a white chest?

Q3: Which kitty loves to talk?

Q4: Which kitty loves attention?

Q5: Which kitty loves her sister?


Click below for the answers! Daphne and Belle by PAWS WA


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