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This is great! I'm so happy to read posts like this one, it makes me feel that there is still kindness in this world! Congratulations and keep up!

Loved this story! Congrats to Mackenzie and Ozzie!

What a perfect and adorable couple! We love you Mackie and Ozzie!!

Ohh my! Who wants to adopt seven puppies? My dalmatian dog gave birth last night and I am not sure on what to do with the.

What's good about PAWS is that they take good care of the animals properly. You will see their passion, enthusiasm and love for animals. Thumbs up !

Congratulations PAWS for your 45th year. A job well done for caring animals.

PAWS is always be the best in protecting animals like dogs. I've been a witness how they took care the abandoned animals. Congratulations for the job well done!

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