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Laurel admits that the job of a Cat Room Cleaner can be dirty work. But for every soiled litter box to be cleaned and food bowl to be filled, there are twice as many happy moments. “It's the little things that make it so rewarding.”

Volunteer-Spotlight-Laurel-Gardner-KittiesPAWS volunteer Laurel Gardner knows the joy of providing a warm and loving home for her own two kitties, pictured right.  She wanted to give the same love and care to all the animals at PAWS who have yet to find their forever homes. “Spending time every week with the cats of PAWS is my way of giving back to them, making them feel loved and wanted and appreciated for the joy that they can bring to our lives.”

She loves spending time with her furry friends at the shelter; seeing the shy kitten come out of his shell, watching the cats playfully leap to catch their toys, hearing their content purrs and giving all the animals a little extra love. But Laurel is even happier when they find a loving new family and a forever home. 

“I literally jump with joy for them,” she says.  She was especially overjoyed when Albert, a shaved-clean kitty kept warm by a gray sweater, was adopted from Cat City.  She remembers, “Albert was this very sweet older boy, gentle and charming and distinguished.”

Laurel, you are truly a champion for animals!  All of us here at PAWS are thankful for your passion and dedication to our feline friends.



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I have 4 cats and love this article.

I have 1 cat and work at a animal rescue group that saves homeless animals. I also own a Pets-Kids Photography. So I love animals. This is a great blog and appreciate the information.


I have many pet cats, and most of them are from the rescue group, cats that are homeless, so I adopted as many as I can because it's my habit to take good care of cats, and also I'm a pet lover.

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