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10 posts from December 2011

Looking for a tax break? Look no further -- make a year-end donation to PAWS! You'll not only be saving the lives of animals, you'll also save on your taxes. A donation to PAWS is 100% tax deductible!  Every dollar makes a difference to the animals, too. 

With your help in 2011, we were able to care for thousands of dogs, cats and wildlife animals. From orphaned Black Bear cubs and injured Bald Eagles, to kittens rescued from Joplin, MO and dogs in need of a new home, we could not have saved their lives without your support. Thank you.

We hope you’ll take a moment to make an end of the year tax-deductible donation for the animals at PAWS before December 31.  With your support for the year ahead, we will continue saving the lives of thousands of animals throughout 2012.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and humane New Year!




When Craig Walker came to PAWS as a volunteer, he imagined that his job would be a walk in the park. “Fresh air, exercise and just being with dogs sounded very appealing” he says. But little did he know that he would soon be putting his experience in commercial building maintenance to use as PAWS’ resident master welder and Caretaker Assistant.

Craig-WalkerCraig recalls, “I was about to sign up for kennel attendant when one of the staff members approached me and asked if I had any mechanical skills.” A week later he was building and repairing caging units, clearing brush, and helping with maintenance of the Wildlife Center facilities. 

Although Craig may not spend much hands-on time with the animals, his efforts and building expertise have a direct impact on the well-being of the animals at PAWS. He feels a sense of accomplishment knowing that he is helping the animals in his own way, saying “It is gratifying to know I have made some animal’s stay a little more comfortable, a little safer and more pleasant." 

Volunteering at PAWS not only allows Craig the opportunity to help the animals, but to help PAWS staff and fellow volunteers as well. “I have helped improve working conditions and efficiency for those who care for the wildlife, and that is extremely rewarding."

Craig, thank you for being champion for animals!  Your dedication, as well as your craftsmanship and expertise, makes a great difference for the animals at PAWS.



Meet Maggie!

Take me Ho-Ho-Ho Home!  Just one look into the eyes of our sweet Maggie and you will see why she has become a favorite here at PAWS.  Maggie is a 1yr 3mos old terrier/Pit mix who deserves nothing less than she gives: complete and utter devotion.  At first a bit shy, she warms up quickly to a treat and a kind word.  An athletic and healthy girl, Maggie is ready to become your running partner.  She is eager to please, and can do any trick you want to teach her – who else but the most patient of companions would let you dress them up like a Christmas elf?  Maggie is the sweetest of Santa’s helpers – can you make her Christmas wish come true?



The kids in Miss Jennie Warmouth's 2nd grade class at Spruce Elementary were charmed by the handsome Romeo and his gentle personality.  They wrote this adorable adoption profile to help Romeo find the perfect family to take him home!  Stop by PAWS in Lynwood to meet this handsome guy, he might just charm you too!

Meet Romeo

"Romeo is shy but a gentleman! He likes to have his belly scratched. He dreams of taking a walk with you on the beach. Romeo, Romeo. He is calm. He loves to sniff and run and walk. He looks so handsome, all the ladies say, "Romeo! Romeo! I adore you, Romeo!” This guy is even better than the Romeo in the movies: he’s WAY CUTER!"

When the Varied Thrush first arrived at PAWS on November 21, he was a sorry sight.  His left eye was swollen and held partially shut.  His right wing drooped at the shoulder and he was unable to fly.  He seemed dazed, but he was still alive, which is something considering he had just flown headfirst into a solid object.

Like so many other birds that come into our care, the thrush had struck a window.  When it comes to window-caused injuries, his luck fell in the middle of the spectrum.  Extremely lucky birds avoid serious injury, flying away almost immediately after impact.  Extremely unlucky birds hit a window and are killed instantly.  The Varied Thrush came away from the window with head trauma and, as can be seen in the radiograph below, a fractured clavicle.  Both were serious injuries, but we had high hopes that the bird would make a full recovery.


With supportive care, cage rest and a little time, the Varied Thrush did fully recover.  By December 1, the bird was once again able to fly.  He was moved into a medium-sized enclosure in which he could stretch his wings and begin to exercise.  Three days later, he was moved to an outdoor aviary.  Now fully recovered, the bird is ready to return to his winter home in Edmonds, WA.  By the time you read this he will have been released.


PAWS usually receives its largest number of puppies in the late summer and the early fall, but this year the Lynnwood animal shelter has more “Santa Paws” than usual.

“We have dozens of puppies in care right now, many of them ready for adoption in the next couple of weeks,” says PAWS Foster Care Coordinator Rebecca Oertel. “I can’t remember ever having this many for the holiday season.”


During the month of December, the shelter is offering a “Home for the Holidays” promotion with discounted adoption fees for just about every animal.

“The holidays are a great time to bring home the gift of love. You can celebrate the season while saving the life of a dog or cat,” says Kay Joubert, PAWS Director of Companion Animal Services. “And with money still tight this year, the lower adoption fees make it even easier.”

While most of the puppies are still in foster care, if you have your heart set on one of these cuddly creatures, you can get a head start by coming by PAWS this week.
“We can get your paperwork started and match you up to a puppy while they’re still in foster care,” says Oertel. “

For more information, go to paws.org, or stop by the PAWS Animal Shelter at 15305 44th Avenue West in Lynnwood. We’re open Tuesday through Friday from noon until 6 p.m., and Saturday/Sunday from 11a.m. to 5 p.m.


Laurel admits that the job of a Cat Room Cleaner can be dirty work. But for every soiled litter box to be cleaned and food bowl to be filled, there are twice as many happy moments. “It's the little things that make it so rewarding.”

Volunteer-Spotlight-Laurel-Gardner-KittiesPAWS volunteer Laurel Gardner knows the joy of providing a warm and loving home for her own two kitties, pictured right.  She wanted to give the same love and care to all the animals at PAWS who have yet to find their forever homes. “Spending time every week with the cats of PAWS is my way of giving back to them, making them feel loved and wanted and appreciated for the joy that they can bring to our lives.”

She loves spending time with her furry friends at the shelter; seeing the shy kitten come out of his shell, watching the cats playfully leap to catch their toys, hearing their content purrs and giving all the animals a little extra love. But Laurel is even happier when they find a loving new family and a forever home. 

“I literally jump with joy for them,” she says.  She was especially overjoyed when Albert, a shaved-clean kitty kept warm by a gray sweater, was adopted from Cat City.  She remembers, “Albert was this very sweet older boy, gentle and charming and distinguished.”

Laurel, you are truly a champion for animals!  All of us here at PAWS are thankful for your passion and dedication to our feline friends.