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When the Varied Thrush first arrived at PAWS on November 21, he was a sorry sight.  His left eye was swollen and held partially shut.  His right wing drooped at the shoulder and he was unable to fly.  He seemed dazed, but he was still alive, which is something considering he had just flown headfirst into a solid object.

Like so many other birds that come into our care, the thrush had struck a window.  When it comes to window-caused injuries, his luck fell in the middle of the spectrum.  Extremely lucky birds avoid serious injury, flying away almost immediately after impact.  Extremely unlucky birds hit a window and are killed instantly.  The Varied Thrush came away from the window with head trauma and, as can be seen in the radiograph below, a fractured clavicle.  Both were serious injuries, but we had high hopes that the bird would make a full recovery.


With supportive care, cage rest and a little time, the Varied Thrush did fully recover.  By December 1, the bird was once again able to fly.  He was moved into a medium-sized enclosure in which he could stretch his wings and begin to exercise.  Three days later, he was moved to an outdoor aviary.  Now fully recovered, the bird is ready to return to his winter home in Edmonds, WA.  By the time you read this he will have been released.



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One of the most rewarding things I ever did was to volunteer at PAWS wildlife center during the orphaned baby wildlife (bird and all) season spring/summer. Thank you PAWS! - Mary Kowalczyk

Kevin, thanks so much for the good news, and for the excellent photo. Once more, great work by the Wildlife Center!

Can I ask how the clavicle bone end was set back in place and how the area was stabilized during healing? From the xray image, it looks like a complete separation at the break.
That was fantastic work!
A late but big thanks here.

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