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Harry – Purebred Basset Hound – eight years old

Harry2There is just something about Basset Hounds, with their long bodies and floppy ears. Maybe it was the way he waddled over and looked up at me with his droopy eyes, but when I saw Harry in his kennel this week, I could not resist spending some time with him.

Opening the door, Harry tries his very hardest to jump up onto my legs, but I am fairly certain with his body type, there are certain physical limitations that he just will never be able to overcome. Despite his very best efforts to reach my knees, he eventually gives up as I start scratching him behind the ears, definitely one of his favorite spots.

Time for a walk… sort of. Harry is a curious pup, and definitely wants to say hello to every person and dog he walks by. He is a total social butterfly, so it took us a while to actually get out the door. And even once we were outside, Harry makes it to just below the trailhead, stops and gives me a look to say, “You want me to do what?” I get down onto one knee and he quickly runs over and nuzzles into my side waiting for attention. I can’t resist and quickly realize he would much prefer to just spend some time getting scratched than waddling around the trail.

Harry would be a great addition to any family. His calm and friendly demeanor is great around every person and dog he meets. He is looking for the perfect home that is ready to keep him happy by making sure those ridiculously huge ears get plenty of attention.


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I loved walking Harry!

Either did I!

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