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The kids in Miss Jennie Warmouth's 2nd grade class at Spruce Elementary fell in love with lovely Belinda's sweet (and vocal!) personality. They wrote this adorable adoption profile to help her find the home she deserves. Come to PAWS Cat City where you can fall in love with Belinda too!

Belinda2If you want a cat with a beautiful voice . . . then BELINDA IS THE ONE FOR YOU!

She will meow to say, “Pet me please!” and “I love you!”

She will meow to say, “You are my friend!” and, “You’re nice…especially when you rub my ears!”

She is cute and she is cuddly. This little diva loves, loves, loves attention and pets and ear rubs and belly rubs! Are you a good listener who likes to pet soft and warm kitties? Then you should come meet BELINDA today!


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The adoption of pets is always a sign that mankind still has a little kindness in its soul and still there's time for goodness and care. Our children represents all our hopes for better world, pure nature and preservation of human values. I am proud with these little boys and girls, who spent a piece of their time on finding new home for Belinda instead of playing at home.
Near my home there's a house for abandoned pets and some high school boys and girls made a donation to this house: some cat trees
and condos for these poor animals, forsaken from their irresponsible former owners.
There should be much more followers of such kindness and mindfulness.

A smart thought that came to my mind when read for these kind, sweet children: "You can not buy friends!" and my interpretation is "You should not buy friends, please adopt them! " :)

Thank you for the comments, Daisy84 and Kitty!

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