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Welcome to the third installation of Adoption Success Stories Round-up featuring four heartwarming happily-ever-afters for six amazing felines!

RosieWe are totally in ♥ with our new gal cat Rosie from PAWS Lynnwood, whom we adopted during PAWS free adoption month last June. She's enriched our lives and filled the gaping holes in our hearts! We were very despondent at the loss of our beloved boy cat Luke, who'd recently died from complications associated with feline diabetes! I visited PAWS & found our girl there. PAWS is awesome!!! We've since sent donations and have delivered cat food to that PAWS location & will continue to support PAWS whenever we can. They've changed our lives for the better and Rosie's too!




Snickers-and-LuckyI just had to say thank you again for blessing me with my two kittens, Snickers and Lucky. (Formerly known as Kiki and Kody from the PAWS Cat City in the U-District.)

They were very frightened and scared when I met them for the first time.  Lucky was VERY protective of Snickers and if you got near either of them, all you got was hissing.  I wasn't sure how they'd turn out. But as a brother and sister duo, it was obvious they needed to be adopted together, so I took a chance! 

It took a lot of love and attention, but they've progressed very well.  They are both playful and loving.  They love sleeping on my lap and curling up with me in bed.  Snickers is playful as ever and even reserved Lucky is coming out of his shell and playing.  I don't regret taking a chance on them at all! I love them so much! Thank you!



Lani-and-PukaWe adopted Lani and Puka (named Heidi + Rowen at the Shelter) at the PAWS Cat City on Roosevelt Way.
We love the 6 year old sisters.  They are so sweet and have settled right into our home. These indoor cats are great company for us.
Thank you so much for all of your help in making this adoption happen.
Marsha & Rob









Miss-QI submitted a survey over the weekend and forgot to include photos of the cat I adopted a few months ago. Her shelter name was question mark. I have renamed her to Ms. Q.  She is an excellent addition to our family.  Each day she gets more and more comfortable around the house, yard, and other cat.  She is actually licking the other cats face, it is soo cute. She loves belly rubs, chasing toys and eating her meals.  She's gained a couple of pounds since she's been here. 
Thanks again.



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