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Scratcher-Drive-Promo-PicIt’s no secret that cats love scratching. But scratching and stretching are more than just fun hobbies; they are natural behaviors for cats that are sometimes hard to do in a shelter environment. Enter Stretch and Scratch scratching pads! The scratch pads attach to the sides of cat cages to allow our feline friends to stretch and scratch to their hearts’ content. Giving cats the freedom to engage in this natural instinct relieves stress and helps to keep them happy and healthy while they wait for their forever homes.

You can help keep our furry friends happy and stress-free by donating a case of Stretch and Scratch to PAWS. Each case supplies 50 cats with their own pad that they can really dig their claws into. Need a visual? Each case of Stretch and Scratch will help as many cats as are featured in the picture above. That’s a lot of cats!

Donating is easy! Just go to StretchandScratch.com to purchase a case of scratching pads. Remember to ship them straight to PAWS at 15305 44th Ave. West Lynnwood WA 98087.

Now that’s a cause you can really dig your claws into.


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