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Thor - Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky  - two years old

ThorWalkAs an alunmus of the University of Washington, I have a natural affinity for Huskies (Go Dawgs!), which is why I’m featuring Thor this week. Despite being a mix of Malamute and Husky, he could very easily step in at a moment’s notice as UW’s mascot on the football field with his strong appearance and beautiful coat.

Thor is definitely a playful pup who is ready to get outside and exercise. His enthusiasm is clear as I open the kennel door and he realizes he’s about to get outside to run! As a humorous side note, the floors this week are damp from a recent mopping, so his desire to speedily run through the hallways is quickly diminished by the slippery and painful realization that his monstrous paws are no match for wet concrete and little progress is made much past the reach of his leash.

Once we are outside, it’s easy to tell that Thor belongs with an active family, as he has a lot of energy that he’s ready to unleash (bad pun, I know). He would make a fantastic hiking partner as once we are on the trail, Thor immediately seems at home. He’s the type of dog who just has leadership built into his personality, and his noble disposition reflects this as well. For most of the walk he has his chest puffed out as we walk with purpose quickly around the trail.

Back at the kennel though, it’s also clear that Thor is ready to be a cuddle buddy, as he loves a good scratch behind his perky ears. He strikes me as loyal and is definitely ready to commit to his forever home.

Learn more about Thor.


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