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Sheba -- Chinese Shar-Pei/Australian Shepherd – 3 years

Sheba Sheba has been with us here at PAWS for just about a month now and it warms my heart to see how much she has grown in that time. My first week walking her, she tried her very best to stay as far away from me as possible, backing into the corner of her kennel and trying to avoid my attempts at petting her. When we were out walking, she would keep a safe distance from me on the leash. And for the time being, that was ok; I hadn’t earned her trust yet, and a shelter with so much going on can be an intimidating place for a dog like Sheba.

Week two was better; Sheba was much quicker to let me put the leash on her and was a bit more sociable in the kennel, allowing me, albeit a little hesitantly, to give her some light scratches behind the ears. 

But this last week was great. Sheba is one of the first dogs everyone sees as they walk into the main dog area, and immediately I noticed how she was sitting right at the kennel door, ready for me to open it and take her outside. She has become quite  sociable, sniffing around and not seeming to be in a rush to immediately get back into her kennel. She has quickly turned into a very friendly pup.

While she might seem shy at first, Sheba will quickly warm up once she feels comfortable and quickly show you her fun, friendly side. She is eager to learn and has already shown tremendous strides since her arrival date. Now she just needs the perfect forever home to make her part of the family.

Sheba2 Learn more about Sheba.

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