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Harry – Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix – one year old

Harrywalkweb I’m not entirely certain of Harry’s back-story; but he came to us about two weeks ago and was far too skinny for a pup of his age. His first few nights in the kennel were a bit rough, as he seemed stressed by everything going on around him. I remember slowly walking in with him hiding in the corner. He seemed a bit unsure of my presence at first but after he learned I had a pocket full of treats, he quickly warmed right up to me.

This week was an entirely different story. Harry was sitting at the kennel door, eagerly waiting to meet his next best friend, whether human or canine. It makes me so happy to see such a quick improvement with a pup like Harry in such a short time. I think it really goes to show how well taken care of the animals are in PAWS’ care, as Harry’s story is true of many of the dogs we work with here.

As I open his gate, Harry quickly grabs a toy, walks over to me and places it at my feet. It is such a cute offering that I quickly reward him with a treat. I get the feeling this isn’t the first time that trick has worked for a delicious reward. As we’re hanging out in his kennel, Harry tries to bury himself underneath my legs, spin onto his back and then sit patiently. I’m positive he’s thinking, “Go ahead… scratch my belly.”

Harry is a bundle of both friendliness and curiosity; he loves both people and other dogs and is ready to join a forever family that is ready to give him as much love as he offers.  He is the type of dog you’ll see sitting patiently in his kennel and your heart immediately melts. He’s just another wonderful dog here at PAWS.  Another dog deserving of a loving home.

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