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Circus-Elephants-Blog Ringling Brother’s is back in town at Kent’s ShoWare Center September 1 – 5 and at Everett’s Comcast Arena September 8—11.  If you’ve read past PAWS blogs, you likely already know the circus is no fun for the animals. But do your friends, family and coworkers know?

Tell your family, neighbors and coworkers—circuses that use animals may seem like a family affair, but they’re actually agony for the animals! Kindly urge them to sit the circus out and pass it on.

Photo: Circus animals, like these elephants, are often forced to perform unnatural behaviors (standing upright, jumping through hoops, etc.) by use of electric prods, spiked metal hooks, and whips. 

Circuses that use animals for entertainment seem like inexpensive family fun. But life under the big top is not a wholesome, fun-loving, and educational experience as the circus industry would like you to believe. For the animals, it’s a monotonous and brutal routine of boredom, stress and pain. Transported in cattle cars or trucks in all extremes of weather, circus animals keep a grueling schedule and perform even when they are exhausted or sick.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Agriculture cited the circus for failing to treat an elephant named Sarah who had a serious infection. Tragically, Sarah recently collapsed after a performance. Read more about Sarah, Ringling’s elephant, and her collapse in California after a performance.

Traveling animal acts perpetuate animal cruelty, inhumane care, public safety hazards and distorted images of wildlife. Together we can help these animals by not supporting the industry that abuses them. Spread the word and ask your contacts to continue to pass the message on!

Read more about why circuses are no fun for the animals on our website.

On behalf of all animals exploited in circuses, thank you!


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