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Thor - Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky  - two years old

ThorWalkAs an alunmus of the University of Washington, I have a natural affinity for Huskies (Go Dawgs!), which is why I’m featuring Thor this week. Despite being a mix of Malamute and Husky, he could very easily step in at a moment’s notice as UW’s mascot on the football field with his strong appearance and beautiful coat.

Thor is definitely a playful pup who is ready to get outside and exercise. His enthusiasm is clear as I open the kennel door and he realizes he’s about to get outside to run! As a humorous side note, the floors this week are damp from a recent mopping, so his desire to speedily run through the hallways is quickly diminished by the slippery and painful realization that his monstrous paws are no match for wet concrete and little progress is made much past the reach of his leash.

Once we are outside, it’s easy to tell that Thor belongs with an active family, as he has a lot of energy that he’s ready to unleash (bad pun, I know). He would make a fantastic hiking partner as once we are on the trail, Thor immediately seems at home. He’s the type of dog who just has leadership built into his personality, and his noble disposition reflects this as well. For most of the walk he has his chest puffed out as we walk with purpose quickly around the trail.

Back at the kennel though, it’s also clear that Thor is ready to be a cuddle buddy, as he loves a good scratch behind his perky ears. He strikes me as loyal and is definitely ready to commit to his forever home.

Learn more about Thor.

IMG_2152 The sun was shining, tails were wagging, and paws were ready to walk this past Saturday at Magnuson Park for the 20th Anniversary of PAWSwalk. More than 1,250 people and close to 800 dogs joined in the fun, and PAWSwalkers were able to raise more than $170,000!

Special shout out to The Couch Potatoes! Even though they could not attend PAWSwalk, The Couch Potatoes contributed over $1,400 to the animals at PAWS. Nice work! Donations are still being accepted at PAWSwalk.net.

IMG_2110 Over the next year, the funds raised at PAWSwalk will help more than 6,000 animals at PAWS. From tiny three-week-old kittens who need round-the-clock care, to orphaned Black Bears who can't survive in the wild without their mothers, these are the lives we work to save. We could not do this work without our compassionate supporters. Thank you for participating in PAWSwalk and for saving lives of animals at PAWS. 


Jennifer loves dogs, and she loves to help. That’s why volunteering at PAWS just makes sense for this canine mother of two.

Chief “What better way to perform community service, than to combine my love for dogs while doing something worthwhile for them and the community.”

Since 2010, Jennifer has volunteered at PAWS as both a Kennel Attendant and a Dog Walker. In the kennels, Jennifer helps make the dogs at PAWS as comfortable as possible during their stay by providing them with clean water, fun new toys, and lots of loving attention. Dog walking shifts are more than just a walk in the park, as Jennifer also teaches the dogs manners and tricks while socializing them to new people and situations.

Volunteers see many animals come in and out of PAWS, and while each one is special, Jennifer has a few dogs in particular that stand out in her mind the most. One of these was Moose, a Pitbull mix who came in with a smaller dog after their owner had passed away.

“The little dog got adopted right away but Moose did not,” says Jennifer. “Moose loved little dogs and would stare at them from the play yard.” But he also had a thing for people. “He was a real lover, sitting in your lap when you came in the kennel, putting his head in your lap.  I was so happy when he got adopted.”

Since volunteering at PAWS, Jennifer has a much better understanding of the pet overpopulation issues.
“I knew we had a problem, that lots of animals were in the shelters, but the magnitude of it really hit home after volunteering for PAWS.  To think that we are just one shelter, one of thousands across the nation?  It’s pretty overwhelming.”

Jennifer continues to fight pet overpopulation by volunteering every week at PAWS, earning her at least one fan on the PAWS staff. Just ask Volunteer Manager Molly Reagan Axt.

“Jennifer is always there in a pinch. She’s a work horse. If you need something to get done, and Jennifer’s around, you know you don’t have to worry about it.”

Thank you Jennifer for donating your time and passion to help save the lives of animals at PAWS! We couldn’t do it without you.

Learn more about volunteering at PAWS.

07-Blood-and-saline-are-flo On June 9, the PAWS Wildlife Center admitted a starving, severely anemic, 20-pound yearling bear cub.  The cub's condition was so grave that he required a blood transfusion, the first PAWS veterinary staff had ever performed on a bear, to save his life.  The transfusion gave the ailing bear the boost he needed to reverse his downward slide.  Within 24 hours he had gone from nearly unconscious to active and alert, and he continued steadily down the road to recovery without looking back.

Release day arrived for the bear on September 13.  During the three months since his admission, he had gained 130 pounds and had grown into an impressive sub-adult bear.  He was released near the spot at which he had been found in Mt. Rainier National Park, and the park ranger who found him had the privilege of opening the cage to set the bear free.  The photos below tell the story.

Weighing only about 20 pounds when he was admitted, the bear topped the scales at 154 pounds on release day.  Here he is seen during his pre-release exam.


The bear experienced a "hard release" using two Karelian Bear Dogs and shotguns loaded with beanbag projectiles.  These techniques help drive home the point to the bear that humans are to be avoided.  Avoiding humans will be the single most important factor in the bear's long term survival.  Here we see bear dog Savutie working the bear before release.

The Mt. Rainier National Park ranger that found the bear opened the door to set him free.  The bear peeked out to see another ranger waiting to hit him with a beanbag shell.  At this point, he also looked at the ranger above him and then peeked underneath the cage as if he was weighing all his options.

Eventually the bear made a break for it.  Encouraged by barking dogs, beanbags and shouts of "Go on bear!", he ran full speed into the forest.  As you read this, the bear is living wild and free in the wilderness at Mt. Rainier.

View KOMO News coverage of the release. 


Meet-G-Star-Web Just like A-Rod, G-Star is serious about playtime. G-Star is a beautiful two-year old white and calico lady who loves to play! Her favorite things to play with are string toys, ping-pong balls, stuffed mice – you name it, she’ll play with it! Because of her professional devotion to playtime, G-Star would be happiest in a home where she can focus on her game - no kids please! When G-Star isn’t in play-mode, she’s content to curl up in the sun for a long, leisurely cat nap. If G-Star sounds like the next MVP of your home team, come see her at PAWS in Lynnwood.

Tank & Tigger

Though not as well known as Bonnie and Clyde or Sonny and Cher, Tank and Tigger are a pair for the ages. These two cats are best buddies and are looking for a home that they can share together. Both Tank (seven-year-old Orange Tabby) and Tigger (nine-year-old Maine Coon/Tabby) are sweet and affectionate, and love to snuggle. Does this dynamic duo sound like the perfect addition to your family? Come see them in action at PAWS in Lynnwood.


Meet Champ Champ loves water! This sweet 11-year-old Lab mix can do it all – “sit”, “shake”, “down”, play ball, go swimming, and nap with his people. Champ has lived with cats, and would make a great family dog. If you are looking for a fun, loyal, and water-loving forever friend, come meet Champ at PAWS in Lynnwood today!

Meet-Ruckus Does your idea of a perfect Saturday morning consist of hanging on the couch watching cartoons?
Do you have a hard time waking up before 11 a.m.?
If so, meet Ruckus, team captain of The Couch Potatoes.

Ruckus is home on the couch even though his friends woke up bright and early this morning to go to PAWSwalk at Magnuson Park.

Ruckus is no athlete, but as a former shelter dog he still wants to help the animals at PAWS find their forever homes. That’s why he started The Couch Potatoes – a team for all of us who want to support PAWSwalk, but don’t want to change out of our PJs. Together we can raise money to feed, shelter, and provide medical care to more than 6,000 animals this year without leaving our living rooms!

It’s so easy! You can either donate to The Couch Potatoes, or sign up to be a member of the team. As a team member, you can ask friends who didn’t make it to PAWSwalk to donate to help injured, orphaned, and homeless animals in our community. With your help, The Couch Potatoes hope to raise $1,000 for the animals at PAWS. To see how your donations help the animals at PAWS, watch this video.

Meet Ruckus 2 There are PRIZES too! Anyone who donates to The Couch Potatoes PAWSwalk team page on Saturday, September 10 will be entered in a drawing to win a PAWS 2012 Calendar (hot off the press), and the top fundraiser or donor will win an awesome PAWS T-shirt. If The Couch Potatoes reach their goal of $1,000, everyone who donated to the team will be entered in a drawing to win a PAWS T-shirt. We’ll be announcing more prizes and contests throughout the day, so be sure to follow along on Facebook.

So even if you can’t put down the remote, you can still lend a hand. Go to PAWSwalk.net/couchpotatoes and join Ruckus to raise money for the animals at PAWS. You can donate online or click “Join Our Team” on The Couch Potato page to join the team.

Thank you for being a champion for animals!


Sheba -- Chinese Shar-Pei/Australian Shepherd – 3 years

Sheba Sheba has been with us here at PAWS for just about a month now and it warms my heart to see how much she has grown in that time. My first week walking her, she tried her very best to stay as far away from me as possible, backing into the corner of her kennel and trying to avoid my attempts at petting her. When we were out walking, she would keep a safe distance from me on the leash. And for the time being, that was ok; I hadn’t earned her trust yet, and a shelter with so much going on can be an intimidating place for a dog like Sheba.

Week two was better; Sheba was much quicker to let me put the leash on her and was a bit more sociable in the kennel, allowing me, albeit a little hesitantly, to give her some light scratches behind the ears. 

But this last week was great. Sheba is one of the first dogs everyone sees as they walk into the main dog area, and immediately I noticed how she was sitting right at the kennel door, ready for me to open it and take her outside. She has become quite  sociable, sniffing around and not seeming to be in a rush to immediately get back into her kennel. She has quickly turned into a very friendly pup.

While she might seem shy at first, Sheba will quickly warm up once she feels comfortable and quickly show you her fun, friendly side. She is eager to learn and has already shown tremendous strides since her arrival date. Now she just needs the perfect forever home to make her part of the family.

Sheba2 Learn more about Sheba.

PAWSwalk is tomorrow! Are you ready? Visit www.PAWSwalk.net to register, donate, or to find out more.

Support animals and don’t support industries that abuse them.

Ringling Brother’s is back in town at Everett’s Comcast Arena September 8—11. Do your friends, family and coworkers know that Ringling’s circus is no fun for the animals?

Circus-Elephants-Blog Tell your family, neighbors and coworkers—circuses that use animals may seem like a family affair, but they’re actually agony for the animals! Kindly urge them to sit the circus out and pass it on. If you’re looking for a fun, family event this weekend that helps to save animals’ lives (not destroy them), join us for PAWSwalk on Saturday.

PAWSwalk is one of the largest fundraising events for PAWS, and proceeds from the event support our life-saving mission. By joining us for PAWSwalk and skipping the circus, your participation and donations will save the lives of cats, dogs, and wildlife.

Above Photo: Circus animals, like these elephants, are often forced to perform unnatural behaviors (standing upright, jumping through hoops, etc.) by use of electric prods, spiked metal hooks, and whips. 

Many circus goers attend the circus because they are searching for inexpensive family fun and they love animals, especially elephants. However, they don’t realize that by attending circuses such as Ringling, they are supporting an industry which callously exploits and abuses animals for its financial gain. For circus animals, life is a monotonous and brutal routine of boredom, stress and pain.

PWCircusblogdog Traveling animal acts perpetuate animal cruelty, inhumane care, public safety hazards and distorted images of wildlife. Together we can stand up for these animals by telling others not to support an industry that abuses them, and pass it on! Mobilize your friends, family and coworkers to attend events that support animals, like PAWSwalk. Join us at Magnuson Park on Saturday, September 10 for a fun family and animal friendly event to benefit the animals at PAWS.

Photo: Hundreds of happy dogs and people attend PAWSwalk each year to show their support for animals.

Want more ways to help Ringling’s animals? Check out our most recent Action Line.

On behalf of all animals exploited in circuses, and all the animals at PAWS, thank you!

PAWSwalk is just four days away, and all of our wonderful teams are ramping up their fundraising efforts! So far, our teams have collectivley raised more than $91,000 for the animals at PAWS. A big "Thank You" to ALL of our teams and fundraisers for your dedication to helping save animals' lives!

PWGreatDane Near the top of our leader board is Team Figaro, with a whopping $4,340 in donations! Amazing! That’s enough money to feed all the cats and dogs in our Companion Animal Shelter for more than 20 days!

Not far behind are the Pooper Troopers, with a total of $3,555 in donations. That sum is enough to care for all five Harbor Seals currently in PAWS care for almost five days! But look out Pooper Troopers, the  Westcresters, are right on your tail with $3,436 in donations!

In addition to these three teams, there are many others who have raised more than $1,000 for the animals at PAWS, listed below. If you haven’t donated to PAWSwalk yet, you are welcome to donate to any (or all) of the participating teams. There is still time to start your own, too!

Other PAWSwalk Teams that have raised more than $1,000 so far:

12th Dawg

Copper's Crew 2011

Doggie Friends

Steppin' with Straus

Team Frito

Team Red Dog

Team Starbucks

 Use this video to help you in your fundraising efforts, and give these teams a run for their money!



ANHU-112241-in-raptor-box On August 15, a woman in Seattle noticed that her outdoor cat was batting something around the yard.  Upon closer inspection, she noticed that her cat's toy was moving, and she immediately confiscated it from him.  It turned out to be a juvenile Anna's Hummingbird.  The hummingbird was disoriented and badly battered but still holding on to life.  The woman brought the tiny bird to PAWS Wildlife Center for care.

A wildlife rehabilitator at PAWS examined the hummingbird and found that she had some small cuts and abrasions.  Her right wing drooped, but did not appear to be broken, and all of her tail feathers had been pulled out.  Many birds survive attacks by domestic cats only to succumb a day or two later to infections caused by bacteria in the cat's saliva.  The rehabilitator placed the hummingbird on antibiotics to prevent an infection from setting in.

The young hummingbird has responded well to her treatment so far.  She completed her course of antibiotics and her wing no longer droops.  She is now in an outdoor enclosure in which she is able to exercise her flight muscles.  As you can see in the photo, she is still without her tail, but the hummingbird will be ready for release as soon as her feathers grow back in.

PAWS relies on you to support our life saving work. PAWSwalk is this Saturday, and is a perfect opportunity to support PAWS and have a great time doing it! Visit www.PAWSwalk.net to find out more.