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October is national Adopt-A-Dog month! PAWS is celebrating by offering discounted adoption fees for all adoptable dogs, including Donnie!  This sweet and loveable guy is only one of the many amazing dogs waiting for their forever homes at PAWS. Check out his video! 


If discounted adoption fees aren’t reason enough to come take home a new best friend, here are four more reasons to adopt a dog in October:

  1. You’ll find your perfect match! At PAWS, we take great strides to make sure that each dog is matched to the perfect family. Are you an outdoor enthusiast? We’ll pair you with a canine pal that can keep up. Prefer to park it on the couch? PAWS has the perfect snuggle buddy for you, too.
  2. You’ll take home the complete package! Not only will you be adding a new best friend to your pack, but all dogs adopted from PAWS are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and come with a free visit to a local vet.
  3. You’ll receive unconditional love! Adopted dogs know that they’ve been given a second chance, and they love you all the more for giving them the caring home they deserve.
  4. You’ll be making a difference. Adopting a dog from a shelter instead of buying one from a pet store decreases demand for puppy mills, and creates one more space at PAWS where a homeless dog can be cared for while they wait for their forever home.  

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Donnie is adorable! Hope he finds a great forever home. :)

Nice dog!! Donnie rocks, even I am going to adopt a dog this month :)

I love pets why because they are really close to us indeed they are helpful to us and i am very glad to see this blog it touched my heart i didn't see any blog like this thanks for the blog really feel fond...:)

Thank you! We're glad you enjoy the blog :)

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