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Ruby – Boxer/Terrier, American Pit Bull – two years old

Ruby2 Don’t let her fool you. Ruby might seem like a dainty pup, the type terrified to get her feet muddy. She might sucker you into thinking she isn’t much for playing fetch or getting some exercise on the trail. She might even have you believing she doesn’t absolutely love having her back scratched for hours on end.

But she’d be fooling you.

Ruby might come across a bit shy, but once you show her a little bit of love, she’s quite happy to reciprocate. When I first walk into her kennel, she curiously pops her head up and slowly walks toward me. I reach for my back pocket, full of treats, and she immediately recognizes what that means. Her short little tail starts wagging as she nuzzles into my leg with her little eyes staring straight up at me.

We go for a quick walk around the trail; Ruby stays close to my side the whole time. We even pause a few times to make sure to scratch all the right places on her back as well as behind her ears. The moment my hand stops moving, she spins around and gives me a look clearly stating, “You’re not done yet, mister, keep scratching.”

Right as we’re about to head back into the kennel, Ruby makes it pretty clear that she wants to play some fetch. We head down to the off leash area and I grab a tennis ball. She sits right at my feet, eyes fixated on that glowing green goodness I have in my hand. A quick toss to the other side of the run and she’s sprinting faster than almost any dog I’ve ever seen. We play for about 20 minutes before I realize there are other dogs to walk. I’m pretty sure she could go for at least another hour.

Ruby would be the perfect fit for someone with an active lifestyle, but she is also more than happy to relax once the evening rolls around. She loves to interact with her people, so her best fit will someone who is willing to give her the attention and affection she deserves.



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