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Bazil - American Pit Bull/Australian Cattle Dog – 1 year old

Bazilwalk Walking into the shelter this week, Bazil is getting the king’s treatment in the manager’s office. With his adorable spotted nose and friendly personality, it doesn’t surprise me that the staff likes having him around throughout the day. For those unfamiliar with PAWS, there is a bed in the front office where the treats and behind-the-ear scratches are endless.

Bazil is calmly lying on his bed with his eyes closely following all the lively activity around the shelter entrance. I walk towards him slowly and ask, “Bazil, are you ready….” And before I can even finish my sentence he is at my feet with his tail wagging and ears perked straight up. I was going to take his picture first, but I think at this point, he’s already got his mind set on one thing… Getting outside to play.

Walking around the trail, Bazil is very good on the leash, staying just slightly in front of me, but still at my side. I think he would definitely enjoy a home with someone who runs regularly, as he’s definitely ready to hit the trails at a fast pace. Pausing for a bit, we work on some commands, many of which he already has a firm grasp on, especially if there are treats involved.

Back at the shelter, as I’m trying to take a picture, Bazil keeps trying to nuzzle right up next to me, resulting in about ten blurry pictures of his nose pressing into my camera lens. This pretty well describes the type of dog he is though, a little bit playful, a little bit loving, and a lot of goofball.

To learn more about Bazil, visit his profile. Have you registered for PAWSwalk yet? There's less than two weeks until the big day!


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