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Amy - Miniature Pinscher/Purebred – 11 years old

Amy Roughly the size of a Chipotle burrito, Amy sits curled up on her bed, curiously watching as I slowly open the kennel door. Once I’m inside, she immediately jumps to life with the energy of a pup half her age. Tail wagging, she tries her very hardest to hop as high as possible but only makes it to just a little below my kneecap. At least she has heart.

One tough cookie, Amy acts like a dog two (or maybe even three) times her size, and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. She loves meeting new people and is a social butterfly around the shelter, going from person to person, casually greeting everyone like she owns the place (which in her mind, might be the case).

Leading me out of the shelter into the grassy area right outside, Amy has her chest puffed out with pride, her small stature unable to hinder her determined spirit; there is no question who is in control here. I sit down in the grass to play with her and am immediately mugged by her little wet nose.  Amy is a playful dog, and the word "silly" barely begins to define her personality. As we’re spending some time in the yard, without notice she will randomly start rolling around in the grass, stand back up, and continue walking like nothing happened. I can’t help but laugh.

Amy could very easily fit into almost any home, as she has previously lived with kids, cats and other dogs. She demands nothing from her soon to be forever home except some TLC, the occasional treat and a warm bed at night. She will make a great play buddy for the entire family, and will certainly bring new life to your home.


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Amy is such a character! I was shocked to see she's 11 years old...she's such a powerhouse, and so puppylike in her behavior! I hope someone takes her home soon...hopefully a home with kids for her to play with!

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