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 Animals come in all sizes here at the PAWS Wildlife Center, and on August 6 we received five new patients that fell at the small end of the spectrum.  On that day a man in Everett, WA disturbed a downed, hollow log and inadvertently destroyed the den of a mother Creeping Vole.  The mother vole quickly departed leaving behind five half-grown babies.  Fearing that the mother would not return since her den had been destroyed, the man who had moved the log brought the baby voles to PAWS. 

So far the voles have been doing well in PAWS care.  One of the youngsters appeared to have suffered a slight leg injury during the destruction of his den, but he is expected to fully recover.  All five voles have been eagerly drinking milk replacer formula every two hours since their arrival.  At feeding time they become quite animated, and they often compete with one another to get their chance at the feeding syringe.  The video below will give you a glimpse of the action.   



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