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TeamUp2 Wow. That was fun! The Gigs4Good concert featuring Handful of Lovin', JUBILEE, and The Local Strangers was good times for all. I mean, it's hard not to have a good time at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard, but last Thursday was especially awesome. The bands were rockin', the crowd was hoppin', and there were even a couple special canine (and hominoid) PAWS representatives in attendance.

Photo: Handful of Luvin' closed out the night with some high-energy rockin'.

Unfortunately, I missed the opening act The Local Strangers, boasting one of PAWS' former volunteers Aubrey Zoli as lead vocalist. Luckily, some of my more time-conscious co-workers had arrived on time and informed me that I missed a great set - our Community Relations Manager loved the band so much, he even took home some The Local Strangers CDs and shirts!

TeamUp1 I was lucky enough to catch both JUBILEE, a local non-profit band, and Handful of Lovin', a Seattle-based "fiddle driven roots rock" quartet, as they put it. And man, did they both rock! I especially loved the haunting harmonies of JUBILEE and all the crazy ways the fiddle was played during Handful of Luvin's set. The dance floor was on fire when I ducked out, and not a foot was left un-tapped by the end of the night. Easily, the most fun work assignment I've been on yet.  

Photo: Our volunteers are the best!

TeamUp3 Thank you to all the bands who rocked for PAWS, our amazing volunteers, and Team Up for Non Profits, without which this event would not have been possible. To learn more about the bands (you really, really should), check out our original post of the event. To join PAWS at more fun events, stay tuned to our blog, follow us on Facebook, and keep an eye on our events calendar.

Photo: JUBILEE at the Tractor Tavern.


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