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25 posts from August 2011

George2 Sometimes it takes a couple tries for animals that come to PAWS to find their forever homes. This was the case with George, an American Eskimo dog, who was seized from a puppy mill in 2009. He found a new family, but was eventually returned to PAWS. But fortune refused to give up on George, and after coming back to PAWS he was introduced to his new forever family, where he met (or was reunited with) his sister Georgie, also an American Eskimo Dog. George's story reminds us that even if it takes a couple tries and a little extra work, the dogs and cats at PAWS will eventually find their perfect homes. Below is an email sent to us by George's new mom and dad.

George1 On Friday we adopted George, the miniature Eskimo.  He and his new sister Georgie immediately became best buddies and he seems very happy with us.  His personality is really starting to shine through, and he just loves to run in the back yard.  The dogs have about ¾ of an acre of fenced yard and he hasn’t wasted any time in getting to know every square inch. It was fun to see him avidly following a rabbit trail this morning, so intent on it that he didn’t notice the rabbit running across another part of the yard!  When I brought him home Friday and introduced him to Georgie they were running circles around the yard in no time, he just looked so happy to have the room to run. Every time we go outside he just tears across the yard, I swear he’s smiling!   He will be a great example for Georgie, he is much more confident and calm and she is already following his lead.  Here are a few photos of them, thanks so much for making it so easy to give George a new home.  We love him already and are very happy that he’s with us.

P.S.  [We] looked through George’s paperwork, then through Georgie’s, and realized that they were both rescued from the same puppy mill.

(in the photos, George’s hair is shorter than Georgie’s)

TeamUp2 Wow. That was fun! The Gigs4Good concert featuring Handful of Lovin', JUBILEE, and The Local Strangers was good times for all. I mean, it's hard not to have a good time at the Tractor Tavern in Ballard, but last Thursday was especially awesome. The bands were rockin', the crowd was hoppin', and there were even a couple special canine (and hominoid) PAWS representatives in attendance.

Photo: Handful of Luvin' closed out the night with some high-energy rockin'.

Unfortunately, I missed the opening act The Local Strangers, boasting one of PAWS' former volunteers Aubrey Zoli as lead vocalist. Luckily, some of my more time-conscious co-workers had arrived on time and informed me that I missed a great set - our Community Relations Manager loved the band so much, he even took home some The Local Strangers CDs and shirts!

TeamUp1 I was lucky enough to catch both JUBILEE, a local non-profit band, and Handful of Lovin', a Seattle-based "fiddle driven roots rock" quartet, as they put it. And man, did they both rock! I especially loved the haunting harmonies of JUBILEE and all the crazy ways the fiddle was played during Handful of Luvin's set. The dance floor was on fire when I ducked out, and not a foot was left un-tapped by the end of the night. Easily, the most fun work assignment I've been on yet.  

Photo: Our volunteers are the best!

TeamUp3 Thank you to all the bands who rocked for PAWS, our amazing volunteers, and Team Up for Non Profits, without which this event would not have been possible. To learn more about the bands (you really, really should), check out our original post of the event. To join PAWS at more fun events, stay tuned to our blog, follow us on Facebook, and keep an eye on our events calendar.

Photo: JUBILEE at the Tractor Tavern.



 Animals come in all sizes here at the PAWS Wildlife Center, and on August 6 we received five new patients that fell at the small end of the spectrum.  On that day a man in Everett, WA disturbed a downed, hollow log and inadvertently destroyed the den of a mother Creeping Vole.  The mother vole quickly departed leaving behind five half-grown babies.  Fearing that the mother would not return since her den had been destroyed, the man who had moved the log brought the baby voles to PAWS. 

So far the voles have been doing well in PAWS care.  One of the youngsters appeared to have suffered a slight leg injury during the destruction of his den, but he is expected to fully recover.  All five voles have been eagerly drinking milk replacer formula every two hours since their arrival.  At feeding time they become quite animated, and they often compete with one another to get their chance at the feeding syringe.  The video below will give you a glimpse of the action.   



Cooper's Hawk 111834, in Raptor Mew 080311 KM

On July 20 a man in Edmonds, WA found a young Cooper's Hawk sitting on the ground in his yard.  The bird was still partially covered in down, and she was behaving as if she was stunned.  Seeing no sign of any adult birds in the area, the man brought the young hawk to PAWS for care.

At PAWS, a rehabilitator examined the hawk and found that she was uninjured.  She was at the stage of development during which she would be exploring the branches near her nest, but not yet capable of sustained flight.  She may have simply fallen from the tree during her exploration.

Our initial plan was to return the young hawk to her nest site, however, during two thorough scouting trips to the neighborhood in which she was found I detected no sign of a nest and spotted no adult Cooper's Hawks or other young.  So the young bird will be cared for here at the wildlife center until she is ready and able to return to the wild and fend for herself. As of this writing, she has lost most of her down and her flight is improving every day.   

Kittens Join PAWS on August 13, for a “Cat-Tastic” celebration at Seattle Humane’s Catapalooza in Bellevue (13212 SE Eastgate Way in Bellevue) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. We’ll be there with a variety of adoptable cats and kittens, information on our adoptable animals, and how to get involved with PAWS.

Photo: Just a sampling of the kittens available for adoption at PAWS.

This annual two-day Catapalooza celebrates all things cat with 10 local adoption organizations and rescue groups bringing together adoptable cats of all ages, breeds, sizes and personalities. The event runs August 13 and 14 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Activities both days include expert advice on cat behavior and handling (such as litterbox management and Tellington Touch for cats), prize drawings, children’s activities, and fun cat-related demonstrations and products. Cat behavior presentations occur hourly from 11 a.m. to 4p.m.

AudiDog Also this Saturday, we’ll be at Shoreline’s offleash dog park getting a little taste of the dog days of summer!

Join PAWS at the third annual ShoreDog Dogfest at Shoreview Park (320 NW Innis Arden Way in Shoreline) from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Learn about PAWS’ programs and services, peruse our adoptable cats and dogs binder, check out how to take our Raccoon Quiz, and register to volunteer for PAWSwalk.

Photo: Audi is a people-loving pooch available for adoption at PAWS.

Then, enjoy the fun with your dog! Doggie games and contests throughout the day will offer your dog a chance to play. Catch demonstrations from Seattle Flydogs, eat free snacks, and check out all things dog with the many vendors.

Check out more events PAWS will be at this summer on our events calendar.

Amy - Miniature Pinscher/Purebred – 11 years old

Amy Roughly the size of a Chipotle burrito, Amy sits curled up on her bed, curiously watching as I slowly open the kennel door. Once I’m inside, she immediately jumps to life with the energy of a pup half her age. Tail wagging, she tries her very hardest to hop as high as possible but only makes it to just a little below my kneecap. At least she has heart.

One tough cookie, Amy acts like a dog two (or maybe even three) times her size, and doesn’t seem to be afraid of anything. She loves meeting new people and is a social butterfly around the shelter, going from person to person, casually greeting everyone like she owns the place (which in her mind, might be the case).

Leading me out of the shelter into the grassy area right outside, Amy has her chest puffed out with pride, her small stature unable to hinder her determined spirit; there is no question who is in control here. I sit down in the grass to play with her and am immediately mugged by her little wet nose.  Amy is a playful dog, and the word "silly" barely begins to define her personality. As we’re spending some time in the yard, without notice she will randomly start rolling around in the grass, stand back up, and continue walking like nothing happened. I can’t help but laugh.

Amy could very easily fit into almost any home, as she has previously lived with kids, cats and other dogs. She demands nothing from her soon to be forever home except some TLC, the occasional treat and a warm bed at night. She will make a great play buddy for the entire family, and will certainly bring new life to your home.

We love hearing updates from adopters about life with their new furry family members. Below is an update on Baby and Big Boy, two lovely felines we had the pleasure of caring for at PAWS before they found their new homes.

Greyson and April "My wife and I recently adopted two kitties from your Lynnwood shelter. They are getting along great and have adapted to
their new home very well.
In the attached picture is April (formerly Baby) on left, Greyson (formerly Big boy) on right.
Thanks for all of your help to find us some new companions after losing our beloved cat of 17yrs.  We feel that she would be happy that her people have rescued a few kitties just as she had been rescued. Thanks again!"

PAWS found love matches for more than half of the kittens and cats that went to the Meow in Mukilteo Adoption event in July. Four out of eight kittens found their forever homes and one of our three adult cats found her “purrfect” match. 

Venice1 Venice, a lovely one-year-old white and black cat, was adopted by a couple who saw her online and came all the way from Gold Bar to meet her. The meeting was love at first sight. “It made me happy to see Venice adopted,” said Laurel, a PAWS volunteer at her first adoption event, “especially amidst the crowds of kittens who were available that day.”

PAWS volunteer Nina Pruneda relayed that initially, another woman had been interested in Venice and been impressed with her calm demeanor, but ultimately declined the adoption to check out all the other cats at the event. Everyone was disappointed for Venice. “Little did we know,” Nina added, “another couple on the side had been watching the visit. They jumped right in to say they were very impresseed...and she had to come home with them.”

Photo: Venice was adopted by a Gold Bar couple who first saw her online and patiently waited their turn to visit with her at the event.

Our volunteers enjoyed watching our cats find loving homes. PAWS volunteer Heather conveyed her favorite adoption of a six-toed kitten. “A lady came into our tent and the little six-toed girl moved right into her lap and stayed there...until she had convinced the lady she was the cat for her.” Heather added, “You could tell they were immediately matched. It was sweet.”

StacyAndConstancePhoto: The McHarness family was thrilled to find the perfect kitten to add to their family. They report that Constance (now Spice Girl) is "the sweetest little kitten we've ever had." 

Harley – Labrador Retriever Mix – one year old

Harleyphoto As I walk down row two this week, trying to decide who to profile for the blog, Harley, a Labrador retriever mix, is sprawled out on the floor of his kennel, paws spread in opposite directions. “Yup,” I think to myself, “this guy definitely deserves it.” He is staring at a toy waiting for it to do something exciting, but also perhaps enjoying the cool concrete on this 80-degree evening; we’re finally getting some nice weather around here. Harley is a favorite around the shelter, not only among staff and volunteers, but also among other dogs. There are very few pups that come through the door that don’t get along with this social butterfly who always seems happy to meet a new friend, canine or human.

 “Harley!” I call out. He does a 180-degree spin and is at full attention. He sits patiently, but his tail reveals that deep down he is trying as hard as he possibly can to keep his puppy personality at bay.  He can’t handle the waiting anymore, stands up and starts spinning around in circles, pauses for a second, then keeps going. I ask for him to sit and he quickly plops back down. Once I’m in the kennel, he is all smiles, giving me a warm greeting but soon after starts nuzzling the leash letting me know he’s ready to get outside. Smart dog.

 Picture time. I take Harley down to the off leash area and pull out my camera. As you can probably tell by the photo, Harley is a total camera flirt with a smile that reaches from ear to ear, a total charmer. He even has that cute little head tilt mastered, I think he knows that earns him an extra treat, because it certainly comes natural. We play a bit in the yard before I grab the leash to head back out onto the trail. Harley runs to my side and sits down; he’s ready to go.

 On the trail, Harley is an absolute delight. He stays right by my side, eyes and nose going every which way. I’m pretty sure he’s trying to keep me safe from all those tricky squirrels that, if left unchecked, might attack at any moment. It would probably be nice to point out that Harley’s tail has not stopped wagging the entire time.  A couple treats, an active play buddy and some time on the trail keep this pup about as happy as they come.