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George2 Sometimes it takes a couple tries for animals that come to PAWS to find their forever homes. This was the case with George, an American Eskimo dog, who was seized from a puppy mill in 2009. He found a new family, but was eventually returned to PAWS. But fortune refused to give up on George, and after coming back to PAWS he was introduced to his new forever family, where he met (or was reunited with) his sister Georgie, also an American Eskimo Dog. George's story reminds us that even if it takes a couple tries and a little extra work, the dogs and cats at PAWS will eventually find their perfect homes. Below is an email sent to us by George's new mom and dad.

George1 On Friday we adopted George, the miniature Eskimo.  He and his new sister Georgie immediately became best buddies and he seems very happy with us.  His personality is really starting to shine through, and he just loves to run in the back yard.  The dogs have about ¾ of an acre of fenced yard and he hasn’t wasted any time in getting to know every square inch. It was fun to see him avidly following a rabbit trail this morning, so intent on it that he didn’t notice the rabbit running across another part of the yard!  When I brought him home Friday and introduced him to Georgie they were running circles around the yard in no time, he just looked so happy to have the room to run. Every time we go outside he just tears across the yard, I swear he’s smiling!   He will be a great example for Georgie, he is much more confident and calm and she is already following his lead.  Here are a few photos of them, thanks so much for making it so easy to give George a new home.  We love him already and are very happy that he’s with us.

P.S.  [We] looked through George’s paperwork, then through Georgie’s, and realized that they were both rescued from the same puppy mill.

(in the photos, George’s hair is shorter than Georgie’s)


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Absolutely wonderful story! I lost my little Eskie over a year ago - am not ready to commit to another pet quite yet, but when I do, it will probably be another Eskie. SOOO happy to hear this story!!!! PAWS rocks!!!!

This is a very heart warming story. I love reading stories about dogs with no home and then their success story of finally finding parents who'll take care of them.

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