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Cooper's Hawk 111834, in Raptor Mew 080311 KM

On July 20 a man in Edmonds, WA found a young Cooper's Hawk sitting on the ground in his yard.  The bird was still partially covered in down, and she was behaving as if she was stunned.  Seeing no sign of any adult birds in the area, the man brought the young hawk to PAWS for care.

At PAWS, a rehabilitator examined the hawk and found that she was uninjured.  She was at the stage of development during which she would be exploring the branches near her nest, but not yet capable of sustained flight.  She may have simply fallen from the tree during her exploration.

Our initial plan was to return the young hawk to her nest site, however, during two thorough scouting trips to the neighborhood in which she was found I detected no sign of a nest and spotted no adult Cooper's Hawks or other young.  So the young bird will be cared for here at the wildlife center until she is ready and able to return to the wild and fend for herself. As of this writing, she has lost most of her down and her flight is improving every day.   


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