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Lulu – American Foxhound – 1½ years old


Luluphoto For the past couple weeks, Lulu has been the first dog in row 2 at the PAWS kennel. While pups of lesser beauty and pizzazz might otherwise be overlooked in this position, very rarely does someone turn the corner and not take a look at her. If only I had a nickel for every time I overheard someone commenting on her gorgeous color or adorable personality.


Entering the kennel this week I grab a bag of appropriately sliced, pea-size hot dog treats and take the first few dogs for their walks. Returning to the kennel after a few minutes, I notice a group of people standing in front of Lulu’s kennel door seemingly interested, so in my mind I’m thinking, “Showtime!”


I have a bit of a confession to make and should probably come clean. When these sorts of opportunities present themselves, with an audience watching eagerly, I feel nothing is better than being able to hop into the kennel with a dog as smart as Lulu, giving me the perfect opportunity to show off just how great of a dog she is. It probably helps that Lulu can clearly smell the treats in my back pocket as she is most certainly food-motivated, but that is neither here nor there…


We start with a simple one, “Lulu, sit!”  She obliges in record time. I feed her a treat. Her tail is wagging rapidly on the floor and I hear the family comment, “What a great dog!” I pause for a minute and she lets out one of her patented woofs, she is ready for more. “Lulu, down!” She adjusts slightly but quickly is on the ground. I feed her another treat. The two young boys watching are captivated by her skillful obedience. Lulu stands up and curiously sniffs at the kennel door. I ask her to sit back down and she quickly obliges. “Lulu, shake!” Her paw raises and plops right down onto my outstretched hand. This one earns an “Awww!” from everyone watching. With her tail wagging as fast as it is, I’m pretty sure she knows how impressed we all are.


You can easily see it in the way she looks at you, that she is ready to learn even more. Lulu is going to absolutely love every minute she spends with you and will make a great companion for someone with an active lifestyle. With plenty of energy, looks, and charm, Lulu will definitely turn heads everywhere you go.

Check out a video we made of Lulu!



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