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It's back! Walkin' Dogs is a weekly blog brought to you by PAWS Volunteer Dog Walkers. Check back every week for updates and details about some of our favorite canine compaions.

Pup Profile – Louie, Shepherd/Siberian Husky mix – 8 years old

Walkin Louie Following my standard routine of checking the adoption board (Huck Finn got adopted, yes!) and signing in on the computer, I put some treats in my back pocket, grab my favorite leash and head out to row A in the dog kennels. And there he is, Louie, a seemingly docile Shepherd/Siberian husky mix, favorite among staff and volunteer alike. He doesn’t ask for much directly when you’re standing in front of his kennel, but rest assured, stare long enough into his eyes and you’ll most certainly see the teddy bear inside of him that wants nothing more than to be your best friend.

As I slowly unlatch the kennel door, I can see the excitement build. Louie knows never to act up, but even the most obedient dogs can’t resist the sound of the leash clicking to their collar. His tail starts feverishly wagging back and forth. Louie navigates through the shelter hallways, he knows exactly where the door to the trail is. For this lovely 50-degree July evening I have on my rain jacket. Louie doesn’t seem to mind the weather; he would never miss an opportunity to get outside and play.

A quick side note: When Louie gets excited, he makes a motion that I can only equate to that similar of a seesaw, where his whole body rocks back and forth without really moving all that far forward. I can’t help but laugh when I see this, as I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s moving at a lightning pace, like a wolf through the forest hunting it’s evening meal; except we haven’t progressed more than 20 feet from the shelter door. It’s probably best to leave his reasoning unquestioned, but it goes to show that there is certainly a lot of playful pup left in this guy.

Once the initial excitement fades, Louie walks calmly alongside me as we proceed onto the trail. His noble posture reflects wisdom, but the occasional glance up to ensure I’m still at his side reminds me that he is most certainly seeking a permanent companion. He loves to be outside and would be a great hiking buddy, but to balance out a tough day on the trails, he would also love a calm night curled up on a blanket in his new forever home.



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What a nice write-up about, Louie! Nice blog, Rob! Keep it up!!!!

Yes there was Louie, apparently docile shepherd Siberian Husky mix, a favorite among the staff and volunteers alike. Thanks for sharing this one.

Hi Louie!! can you read this?
Louie, you looks cute, do you like the song " who lets the dogs out !! " Woo woo Woo

Indeed there was Louie and i am blessed to have him as my best friend now!! I love Louie. PAWS workers and volunteers is the best!

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