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ANHU On June 18 a woman in Seattle saw something not much larger than a bumblebee moving around in her driveway. When she investigated she discovered a nestling Anna's Hummingbird struggling on the pavement. The hummingbird was too young to fly, and there was no detectable nest site over the driveway or nearby from which she might have fallen. How she ended up on the driveway was a mystery, but it was clear that the hummingbird needed help. Fortunately, the woman who found her knew that help was waiting at the PAWS Wildlife Center.

A PAWS wildlife rehabilitator examined the hummingbird shortly after she was admitted. She was uninjured and, other than being slightly dehydrated, she was in good health. As of this writing the hummingbird is still in care and doing well, and she has recently begun to make her first tentative attempts at flight.


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Swift recovery, little darling. You are under loving wings.

It's really amazing post shared by you about hummingbird. I like it very much. Great job done by you that rescue the hummingbird.

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