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On July 20, representatives from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) drove to PAWS to pick up one bear and drop off two.  The bear they were picking up was an Oregon bear that had been in our care since mid-March.  She had been a sickly, yearling cub with a ringworm infection when she arrived, but she had grown healthy and strong during her stay at the wildlife center.  Now over 90 pounds and clear of her fungal infection, the bear was ready to return to her home in the wild.  She was released in southern Oregon on July 21.

The two bears that the ODFW representatives were dropping off were orphaned siblings from Lincoln City, Oregon.  The 15-pound boy and 13-pound girl had been orphaned when their mother was shot by a farmer who said she was harassing his dog.

Both newly admitted cubs received a full physical examination on July 22.  Both appeared to be uninjured and in good health.  A number of ticks were removed from each cub, but no other issues were found.

These two cubs will soon be introduced to two other cubs that are currently in our care.  One is from their home state of Oregon, and the other is the Washington bear that has appeared in two past PAWS blog postings.  By next spring, all four of these cubs will have grown large enough and strong enough to return to the wild.       


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