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Douglas Squirrels You may recall the story of the four baby Douglas Squirrels that took an unexpected trip with a
vacationing Seattle couple at the end of May. I am happy to report that the four squirrels thrived under our care here at PAWS. As you can see from these photos, taken on July 5, the squirrels matured quite a bit during the time they were with us. Over the course of six weeks they progressed from clumsy babies that still required milk replacement formula several times per day to independent, self-feeding sub-adults with amazing agility and coordination.

On July 6, the Douglas Squirrels were returned to their home in the wild. Hopefully, the squirrels will not have to experience any more unexpected roadtrips in the future!


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I am a member of the family that found these little guys! It was a challenge, we were trying to bottle feed them as best as we could out in the wilderness with limited means, sure does make us appreciate how difficult your job is. We really have missed them and thought about them a lot, and I am so glad that they are thriving! Thanks for what you do PAWS, seeing their little chubby bellies has made me happy!

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