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You may remember Albert as the front man for our Adopt-A-Cat Month promotion. After many months for waiting, Albert has finally found a home. This story comes to use from one of our Cat City volunteers.

AlbertAndAdopter “Friday afternoon, a very sweet young woman came in looking for a kitty friend.  I think she even mentioned she was interested in an older cat.  One of our fantastic volunteers eventually steered her toward the very sweet and sociable Albert.  After spending about half an hour in the visit room with our favorite sweater wearing boy, no doubt involving many kitty head-butts, she was in love and ready to adopt him.  As we started the adoption, she decided to do a hold instead, so that she could double check with her fiancé (who lives in Boston), though he wouldn't be living with her for a few months.  She asked if she could take more pictures of Albert on her phone to show the fiancé, and I offered to take some with a real camera and Email them.  She put Albert on hold, and went home.  The next day, she came back, very eager to take him home with her!  She said her fiancé loved the pictures I'd taken, and was very touched by Albert's story, and insisted she adopt him (though I'm pretty sure she was already sold)!”


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Thanks for the great news on Albert! I noticed that he was not on the list of cats available for adoption, and I was hoping for the best. I'm so glad he is going to a home with two people who love him.

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