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Welcome to our second installment of our Adoption Success Stories Round-up! Below are some sotries and pictures that have been shared with us from happy adopters. Enjoy!

Roundup2Miya “Hi,
We adopted Samanta six weeks ago and couldn't be happier. We had Tom our cat for twelve years and he died from cancer. We waited a year and now have Miya, her new name.
We're glad we were able to get her through Cat City so hopefully our fee and donation will help others feel the same joy we are. 



Roundup2Jackpot2 “My name is Tracy and my dog Sugar and I adopted Larry the Schnauser.  His new name is Jackpot.  I had just celebrated my 50th birthday and I got a 50% discount on him which made him $50.00 and I paid cash from my slot machine winnings.  Funny and true. 
I would like you to please pass on to his Foster Mother, Lori that the new beginnings she and the shelter family gave him has made him the perfect addition to my family. 
Jackpot plays with the stuff toys but mostly he loves the little tennis balls.  He's very proud of himself when he catches it up in the air. He is getting braver with big dogs and can be in the same room with them without barking or being scared.  He is figuring it out to play with Sugar.  On the 4th day he played with her for 5 seconds and then quit suddenly like he didn't know he could keep going. The next day he played for 25 seconds.  So it's baby steps towards the full minute and beyond.  
Roundup2Jackpot1 Enclosed is a picture of Jackpot with his new haircut.  He's a sweet boy and I look forward to many happy years.
Thank you.”






Roundup2CatAndMagic “Thank you Sally for picking out the 'purrrrfect' cat for
our family!!
Angela, Barry, Gabriel, Marco and Magic (the dog)!”








If you would like to share your adoption story and/or pictures, please send them to catsanddogs@paws.org. We can't wait to read them!


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