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Black Bear 111568 intake exam On July 5, we received a new patient that came to us all the way from Newport, Oregon. The feisty, 20-pound American Black Bear cub had been orphaned when her mother was struck by a car on a busy highway. Fortunately, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife was able to catch the approximately six month old bear as she stood little chance of surviving at this young age without her mother's care and protection.

During her initial physical examination the cub was found to be healthy and uninjured. As you can see in the photos, she was anesthetized for her exam as even a 20-pound bear is extremely strong and difficult to handle. The cub will be raised here at PAWS until she is old enough and large enough to fend for herself, and then she will be returned to the wild in her home state. This is the 74th Black Bear that The PAWS Widllife Center has received since 1986.


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