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Sharp-shinned Hawk close-up small This juvenile Sharp-shinned Hawk was admitted to PAWS Wildlife Center on May 14 after a man in Seattle found the bird hobbling around in his yard.  The hawk was unable to fly or even stand normally, so the man scooped him up in a box and brought him to us for care.

During the hawk’s intake examination, PAWS wildlife rehabilitators noted that he was holding his wings asymmetrically and his legs were extremely weak.  He attempted to fly, but was unable to gain any lift.  Radiographs taken subsequent to his arrival showed a fractured scapula (shoulder blade) and clavicle (collar bone).  The fractures were well aligned, so the bird required only cage rest to allow them to heal.

SSHA 110698 in raptor cage 052811 KM (2) rt small All of the injuries that the hawk had suffered were consistent with a head-on collision.  He had likely flown headfirst into a window before he was discovered on the ground in the Seattle yard.  Thus far he has been doing very well in our care.  He has regained the strength in his legs, completed his period of cage rest and graduated to a large, outdoor aviary.  As of this writing, he was able to fly well in his enclosure and he was progressing toward a full recovery.


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We had one hit our window here in Lynnwood one night last week and land in the flowerbed (I think). It was dusk and we couldn't see where he went. We saw him a few minutes later standing on the front walk. After recovering for a few more minutes he took flight. I was relieved he was ok.

Thank you to the man who took him to PAWs.

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