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RBSA 11-0903 in woodpecker cage 060811 KM (2) rt On May 30, a property owner in Lynnwood, WA walked out into his yard and saw something flutter down off of his roof.  When he investigated he found this Red-breasted Sapsucker sitting on the ground, seemingly unable to fly.  He scooped the bird up, placed him in a box and brought him to PAWS for care.
During the sapsucker’s intake examination, PAWS wildlife rehabilitators noted some bruises and swelling over the bird’s breastbone and pectoral muscles.  The bird also seemed weak and depressed.  Although the man who found the sapsucker had not seen it happen, the bird’s injuries were consistent with his having collided with a window.

RBSA 11-0903 in woodpecker cage 060811 KM (12) rt For the three days following his admission, the sapsucker was provided with supplemental heat, fluids and supportive care.  He slowly began to perk up and by day four he was able to make short, controlled flights.  He was moved into a large, outdoor aviary that is specialized for housing woodpeckers.  As of this writing he is continuing to improve and is expected to make a full recovery.


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