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Below is a hearwarming story from one of our recent adopters. Enjoy!

We drove up to the Lynwood PAWS location a little over an hour before it was to be closed for the night. We’d been looking for a dog for over a month online when we saw the PAWS website and became interested in a few dogs.

From the moment we stepped into the shelter we were welcomed and informed of their dogs and their adoption process. The employees were so helpful and polite to us and made the experience a lot more enjoyable. As we walked through the kennels and played with some dogs we had to be leaving soon since the time for closing was drawing nearer.

It was our last walk around the kennels before leaving when a family friend and I both stopped at the same time. We later came to describe it as something pulling at our hearts that forced us to stop. We stopped in front of a kennel with a Siberian husky / Australian Shepherd mix named Tina there.


She was pressed up against the fence staring up at us, as if she had been watching us this whole time. We crouched down and petted her while she licked our hands and rubbed up against the fence some more. The three of us fell in love with her immediately! We came out and asked Lisa, one of the women who helped us earlier if we could possibly see Tina before the shelter closed. Though we were too late on Friday night to see her Lisa told us to come first thing Saturday morning at 11am to visit with Tina and see if we were a good fit with her.

We arrived at 11:03am the very next morning and practically darted to the shelter desk to ask for a play date with Tina. We quickly ran to her kennel and began petting her through the kennel again. One of the volunteers walked her out to the play area and the first thing I did was throw a ball. That’s what sparked the true feeling of “She’s coming home with us,” me throwing the ball and her catching it. I knew it was something I wanted to do with Tina forever. The three of us gave her lots of pets and cuddles while spending time with her. Our time with her seemed to go on so slowly, as if time slowed down just for the four of us to bond with each other. Silly I know but a bond definitely formed that Saturday with Tina.

Tina2 After our play time we went back out to the counter we told Lisa that Tina was the perfect dog for us! We were told she was a very active dog and needed a lot of attention and we knew then that we were meant to be her forever home. We filled out the adoption packet at 11:47am and by 12:04pm we walked out of the shelter with Tina where we took our first family photo!

It’s now been a little over a week since we have had Noni (NON-e), the new name we gave her instead of Tina. In honor of our favorite movie of Lilo & Stitch and because we adopted her when PAWS was having a Hawaiian theme. She has fit in perfectly with us, with four walks everyday for 30 minutes a day, brushings everyday, a professional spa day on Wednesday, her new pink collar with official name tag ….everything about Noni is perfect and she has brought a true healing to our lives. I keep telling my family that we didn’t rescue her, she rescued us.

She is so special to us! And we know that with us she has found her forever home! Thank you PAWS!

We love to hear successful adoption stories! Send your story to catsanddogs@paws.org.


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