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Take our Raccoon Quiz and learn how to keep your home, pets and family free from Raccoon conflicts.

RacconCampaignWeb1 Summertime brings longer, warmer days, luscious blooming gardens…and Raccoons! During the summer months our phone lines at PAWS Wildlife Center are ringing with questions and complaints about Raccoons. Weather you love their cute “bandit mask” or you hate that they may be knocking over your garbage cans or frightening your pets, it is possible for us to co-exist with them. The best way to deal with Raccoons is to learn more about them so that you may alleviate conflicts and prevent them from recurring.  

Take our Raccoon Quiz, not on only to learn when and how Raccoon behavior can impact you, but also to learn how to Raccoon-proof your home. Visit our Raccoon page and download a brochure, which includes a detailed chart on how to prevent conflicts with Raccoons throughout the year. You’ll also learn about the effects of feeding wildlife, why relocating wildlife is not ideal, and seven tips on choosing a humane wildlife control company.





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