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We have received so many wonderful stories recently from happy adopters! Thank you so much for sharing these lovely stories with us. We've rounded up just a handful of the happy e-mails we have received over the past few weeks to share with you.  

Sunny's Story

Sunny1 After being away from home for 2 ½ months, Sunny, a Cat City resident, was reunited with his family. Sunny disappeared from his family while they were moving, and he ended up at PAWS in mid-March. Sunny was transferred into a loving foster home for several weeks, and when he was ready to come back to PAWS, he was moved to Cat City to be adopted. On June 7, a young woman and her mother walked in to Cat City after having seen Sunny on the PAWS website. She knew instantly that Sunny was her missing cat! According to Cat City’s supervisor Stephanie Renaud, “The first thing she did when she visited him was pick him up and flip him on his back for a tummy rub.  Cutest. Reunion. Ever.”

Now Dragon (Sunny’s real name) is back at home with his loving family.

(PAWS Tip: Identification collars and up-to-date microchips increase the chances that your furry friends will make it home if they become lost.)

Jack's Story

This story comes from an adopter who visited PAWS to adopt a dog after her family’s canine companion of 12 years, Ellie, passed away. She knew she wanted to adopt from PAWS because in the past she had brought several stray animals to us after she was unable to find homes for them herself. She would hang up posters, knock on doors, and canvas her neighborhood to find the owners, but sometimes it didn’t work out. She writes, “I have found a total of 5 lost/abandoned dogs. One of them I found the owner, two of them I was able to give away to good homes and two I was unable to give away or keep, and had to bring them to PAWS. I am so thankful for PAWS and was happy for my chance to finally take a little one home.”

Ash1 “So, when my husband gave us the green light [to adopt a new dog], the kids and I decided to go visit PAWS and see the dogs currently looking for homes, and that is when we found our little beagle mix baby. He was 9 weeks old and had been abandoned with his mother and two siblings. We weren't able to meet him, he had just been brought in. But, we put our name in the hat and three days later PAWS called and said we were elected to come and meet the last puppy.

We drove to PAWS as a family, my husband included, and we prepped the kids that we may not be able to bring him home, that he may not be the dog for us. Our little Jack was introduced to us in the open room in the back. I will never forget how he slowly walked out to the center of the room and sat down looking the opposite direction, away from us. We slowly came around him and began to pet him. It was love. I asked the lady who was helping us, what kind of dog she thought he was, and she told us that she guessed he was a beagle mixed with Spaniel.  Ellie was a cocker spaniel. I thought I recognized some of those characteristics. 

Ash2 Needless to say, we took him home that day and I can't imagine our family without him. I just get so appreciative whenever I think about PAWS and our little Jack. He is the most awesome "reagle beagle" I like to call him.  He loves the dog park and the beach and he is a lovey 44lb lap dog. Thank you PAWS for taking him in and finding us, his home. We are ready to get Jack a friend this summer and we wouldn't think of any other place but PAWS to go and meet the next member of our family.”

Koda's Story

Koda1 Another happy adoption from Cat City. Cat City Supervisor Stephanie Renaud writes, “A day shy of his 8-month anniversary at PAWS, Koda has finally found his home!  A nice senior lady had some good lap time with our boy and bribed him with treats while I tried to get their photo.  Our easygoing mellow boy has found his mellow match!  He took his sweet red sofa and favorite stuffed possum with him. Great job Sally and the Tuesday morning Cat City volunteer crew for setting up this love match :)”

Share your adoption stories with us at catsanddogs@paws.org.


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