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Northern-Alligator-Lizard-w On May 14 PAWS received a patient that is rarely seen at our wildlife center. The species itself, the Northern Alligator Lizard, is not particularly rare, but individuals are seldom seen due to their excellent camoflauge and secretive habits. The alligator lizard we received had been found by a hiker on a trail in Bellevue's Wilburton Hill Park. The lizard appeard to be stunned and did not run away when the hiker approached, so she scooped him up and brought him to PAWS for care.

During the initial examination of the lizard, PAWS Wildlife Rehabilitators noted that he had a small sploth of blood on top of his head and a swollen area around his left eye. What had caused the lizard's injuries was not readily apparent, but it is possible that he was pecked on the head by a bird that intended to make a meal of him. Whatever the cause, with a few days of cage rest and supportive care, the swelling decreased and the alligator lizard became bright and alert. By May 20 he had fully recovered, and he was released back to the forest from which he had come.


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