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Baby Raccoons 1 On April 9, the PAWS Wildlife Center received four infant Raccoons.  The babies had been found in the basement of a Seattle area home.  Often when infant mammals are found inside crawlspaces or attics, it is possible to remove them, seal up the opening that allowed the adult animals to access the space, and then reunite the babies with their mother.  In the case of these four Raccoons reunion attempts were unsuccessful.

All four babies were a little dehydrated but otherwise healthy when they arrived at PAWS.  They were initially housed in an incubator and were being fed a milk replacer formula six times per day.  They have grown considerably over the past month and have graduated out of the incubator, but they still have a long way to go to become the 10 or 11 pound sub-adults they will be at their release in the late summer.

Raccoons 1 month later Since Raccoons all over Washington State are currently giving birth to and caring for this year’s kits, the chances of these animals coming into conflict with humans is very high right now.  If you discover that your attic has become a Raccoon den site or if you run into any other conflicts, please don’t hesitate to call PAWS.  We can help you decide the most humane course of action to take to alleviate your wildlife-related challenges.  You can also find more information about preventing and solving problems with Raccoons on the PAWS website. 

There's still time!

We're looking to feature your best photos in our summer edition of PAWS magazine!

Anyone can enter, just visit our website at paws.org for an electronic entry form and send us your best high-resolution photograph for consideration. Our staff will judge all photos, and the winners will be announced and featured in the pages of the summer PAWS magazine. For complete rules and regulations, as well as entry guidelines, please visit paws.org.Ollie In the Sunshine


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Deadline: All photos must be submitted by May 27, 2011.

Short-tailed Weasel eating formula On May 4, a pest control company removed a nest containing 4 baby Short-tailed Weasels from the crawlspace of a home in Kent, WA.  Attempts to reunite the baby weasels with their mother were unsuccessful, so the company brought them to PAWS on May 7.  Since their arrival at PAWS, the babies have taken well to the milk replacer formula that they are being fed.  All four weasels are healthy and growing, and although their eyes are not even open yet they frequently get into rowdy wrestling matches in their cage.  During the coming weeks the baby weasels be weaned onto solid food and by early to mid-summer they will have grown into the tiny but capable predators that they are destined to become.


Late April marked another victory for animals in Washington State—Governor Gregoire signed into law SB 5065, the prevention of animal cruelty bill. The new law will gives greater protections for animals by clarifying animal cruelty law definitions and helping with compliance and enforcement of the law.

Lab puppy (4)

Under current law, anyone convicted of felony animal cruelty (or repeated animal cruelty violations) can own or reside with a similar animal to the one they had abused. In other words, if a person was convicted of abusing a dog, under our current law they could still own a cat. The new law closes these gaps so that people convicted of animal cruelty cannot easily become repeat offenders. Also, while the current law applies to only those who have been ordered by the court to forfeit their animals, the new law will apply to any person convicted of felony animal cruelty. The bill also steps up jail time and penalties for those convicted of second degree animal cruelty.

PAWS supported this important legislation and empowered citizens at our 2011 Humane Lobby Day in February to voice their support to their legislators. Visit our Take Action webpage for a reminder on our 2011 Humane Lobby Day wrap-up. Stay tuned for a wrap-up of the 2011 legislative session coming soon. You can plan to get in on the action in 2012—consider joining next year’s Humane Lobby Day to support legislation that will improve the lives of animals throughout the state.

Mallard ducklings on duck blanket 050511 KM (1) Although spring-like weather has been slow in coming, recent patient admissions at the PAWS Wildlife Center suggest the bird nesting season has arrived right on schedule.  Baby songbirds of a variety of species have begun to trickle in, and mallard ducklings have been arriving singly and in groups.  Most of the ducklings that we’ve received were found wandering alone with no sign of their mother.  Mother mallards often nest far from the nearest lake or stream.  When their young hatch, they must guide them on what is often a very perilous journey over and around obstacles and across busy roads to reach the water.  Mothers and young often become separated along the way.  Keep your eye out for waterfowl families trying to cross the road this spring and do your best to give them a break.

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