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Baby Raccoons 1 On April 9, the PAWS Wildlife Center received four infant Raccoons.  The babies had been found in the basement of a Seattle area home.  Often when infant mammals are found inside crawlspaces or attics, it is possible to remove them, seal up the opening that allowed the adult animals to access the space, and then reunite the babies with their mother.  In the case of these four Raccoons reunion attempts were unsuccessful.

All four babies were a little dehydrated but otherwise healthy when they arrived at PAWS.  They were initially housed in an incubator and were being fed a milk replacer formula six times per day.  They have grown considerably over the past month and have graduated out of the incubator, but they still have a long way to go to become the 10 or 11 pound sub-adults they will be at their release in the late summer.

Raccoons 1 month later Since Raccoons all over Washington State are currently giving birth to and caring for this year’s kits, the chances of these animals coming into conflict with humans is very high right now.  If you discover that your attic has become a Raccoon den site or if you run into any other conflicts, please don’t hesitate to call PAWS.  We can help you decide the most humane course of action to take to alleviate your wildlife-related challenges.  You can also find more information about preventing and solving problems with Raccoons on the PAWS website. 


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