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Short-tailed Weasel eating formula On May 4, a pest control company removed a nest containing 4 baby Short-tailed Weasels from the crawlspace of a home in Kent, WA.  Attempts to reunite the baby weasels with their mother were unsuccessful, so the company brought them to PAWS on May 7.  Since their arrival at PAWS, the babies have taken well to the milk replacer formula that they are being fed.  All four weasels are healthy and growing, and although their eyes are not even open yet they frequently get into rowdy wrestling matches in their cage.  During the coming weeks the baby weasels be weaned onto solid food and by early to mid-summer they will have grown into the tiny but capable predators that they are destined to become.



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I like what youve done.

i have a question... i work at a vet in joliet and will county animal control brought in a baby weasel yesterday and ive taken on the roll of the weasels mama... i would like to know how much formula he should be eating, he has been eating every 2-3 hours very good and using the bathroom often, im not sure how old he is but his eyes are still closed. i just want to be sure he is getting all the nutrients i can give

Hi Ashely,

I recommend you contact Willowbrook Wildlife Center at (630) 942-6200. They are a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center that is only about 30 miles away from you there in Joliet. I'm sure they will be able to help!

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