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Evening Grosbeak 110440 (2) in cage This male Evening Grosbeak was brought to PAWS on April 22 after he struck a window at a home in Brier, WA.  The bird had blood in his mouth and subcutaneous emphysema (air pockets) around his neck, under his wings and along his breast bone indicating that he had suffered some trauma to his respiratory system.  He also had swelling around his right eye and difficulty fully extending his right wing.  Unrelated to his window collision, he also had a scaly leg mite infestation.

Evening Grosbeak 110440 (2) in tree The grosbeak was treated for his injuries and given medication to treat his mite problem.  His respiratory problems improved steadily during the days following his admission and he demonstrated that he was still able to fly despite having a visible droop to his right wing.  With a little time and plenty of space to exercise in a large aviary cage, the grosbeak returned to full health.  With strong, confident flight, and mite-free legs, he returned to the wild on May 13.

For more information on how you can protect songbirds on your property from becoming window-strike victims, check out the PAWS songbird fact sheet.


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Right on, Kevin! PAWS gave this colorful bird fantastic care and he took wing in better condition that when he arrived. Thanks, too, to the person who cared enough to drive him to PAWS.

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