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While PAWS focuses our efforts on helping animals locally in Washington State, our compassion extends to animals everywhere. When we saw the news that GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons published a video of himself shooting an elephant in Africa on a trophy hunt and grinning over the animal’s body, we were shocked and saddened. We then read that it was only one glaring example in a string of inhumane hunts on wild animals.

Until now, we had several web domain names registered with GoDaddy. We no longer feel that the leadership of that company is such that we want to do business with them. We believe that the generous community who supports PAWS financially would not want even a slight portion of their money to end up benefitting Bob Parsons, and have begun the process of transferring our domain names to another provider.


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Thank you - I sincerely appreciate your leadership position on this horrific situation!!!!! This man should feel the hunger the elephants feel because their domain has been overrun with humans and they have no other option but to try to find food wherever they can. Instead of using his resources to help create a sensible solution, he just kills them. What a guy!

As a PAWS volunteer and supporter, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this action!!

Thank you for letting us know about this! Can you advise how to transfer webnames?

Eve, you start by finding another Domain Name Registrar company. They almost always have an option right on their home page to "Transfer Domain Names". Choose that, or call their customer service to start the process to move your domain name registration from your old company to this new company you've selected.


Clearly you have not seen the photograph of Bob Parsons clutching his gun, leaning into the elephant, and grinning from ear to ear. That is ABSOLUTELY not the face of a humble humanitarian that flies to Zimbabwe to protect the crops of impoverished villagers. Regardless of whether the elephant population is "destroying" (i.e., EATING) the crops, the fact that Bob Parsons chose to gleefully pose in front of the elephant he slaughtered, demonstrates that he's nothing more than an another out of touch and over-privileged American looking to participate in a little "voluntourism."

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