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13 posts from April 2011

Sorry these posts haven't been as frequent. Been busy lately. But I stayed up late to get these out, for the sake of these guys. Look at, love them, and help find them a forever home!

IMG_5910 copy

Newton. Pitbull mix.

OMG! is this guy ever a puppy. Loves attention and playtime. But will momentarily stop for a treat.



Dublin. Labrador Retriever mix.

He looks like a pup, but he's really a shy teenager (4yrs). In my time at PAWS I've managed to get a few dogs to heel, but this guy has it figured out. No work here, just a pleasant walk in the park for everyone.



Dana. Labrador Retriever/Husky

Another pretty-eyed girl in my midst.

It was an early morning wake-up call for Kay Joubert and Lisa Hockins at the PAWS Companion Animal Shelter. That's because Q13 Fox News' Kaci Aitchison and her intrepid photographer were on their way to give a little "face-time" to some of our favorite dogs and cats.

Check out the three video segments here:  http://l.paws.org/enLvt8

While PAWS focuses our efforts on helping animals locally in Washington State, our compassion extends to animals everywhere. When we saw the news that GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons published a video of himself shooting an elephant in Africa on a trophy hunt and grinning over the animal’s body, we were shocked and saddened. We then read that it was only one glaring example in a string of inhumane hunts on wild animals.

Until now, we had several web domain names registered with GoDaddy. We no longer feel that the leadership of that company is such that we want to do business with them. We believe that the generous community who supports PAWS financially would not want even a slight portion of their money to end up benefitting Bob Parsons, and have begun the process of transferring our domain names to another provider.