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Northern-Fulmar-in-pool-040111-KM-(2)-LR-web On March 31, this Northern Fulmar was found sitting on the pavement outside a Seattle food bank. He was collected by an officer from the Seattle Animal Shelter and then transferred to PAWS.

The bird presented a bit of a puzzle as fulmars are seafaring birds that generally stay miles out in the ocean off of the Pacific coast. They do not make a habit of exploring Puget Sound, and they certainly don’t usually show up on the streets of Seattle.

Diagnostic work on the fulmar showed that he was slightly anemic and suffering from intestinal parasites. It is possible he was feeling weak and ill out at sea and he decided to land on a passing ship. After riding the ship into the port of Seattle, he may have taken flight and landed near the food bank when he became tired. Whatever the case, he was far from home and desperately needed help.

The fulmar was in care at the PAWS Wildlife Center for two weeks. During that time he was successfully treated for the intestinal parasites and he gained both weight and strength. On April 14, he took a three hour car ride out to the Pacific Coast where he was set free to resume his ocean travels.


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Thanks for this story, Kevin. I would love to have seen the fulmar fly back out to sea. The work of PAWS with wildlife is excellent and inspiring!

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