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Marty was featured on the cover of our spring PAWS magazine, and has been a shelter favorite for several months. He came to us from another shelter, where he taken after his former owner broke his leg during a misguided attempt at dog training.

He was such a handsome devil and so sweet, that we tried like crazy to find him a home. We ran ads in the Seattle Weekly, we blogged about him, and then finally; we put him on the cover of our magazine.  As we went to press I got a phone call from the shelter receptionist saying a family was on the way to meet Marty!

So here's the deal, and tell me if it gets any better than this.

Three youngters from Snohomish County had spotted Marty on Petfinder. They fell in love with his pictures and his story. The children begged their mother to let them go meet Marty, and maybe (hopefully!) take him home. The children's mother agreed to take them to PAWS - if - they saved their allowance together long enough to pay for the adoption fees.

For weeks the youngsters banked their allowance, while checking online every night to see if Marty was still available, fearing they wouldn't raise the money fast enough to bring home their new online friend. But a month later the money was in hand, and mom took them to PAWS.

If you've never watched a child meet an animal for the first time, you're missing a wonderful moment.  There's a joy that you never forget. The giggling, the hugs, and the smiles. That's pretty much how it went for Marty and his new friends: Aurora, Aragorn, and Acacia.

Marty with Adopters


This week we got an update from mom, along with these handwritten letters.



Mark Coleman, PAWS 








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"He love are house, defenetly my bed...!" Aragorn, Marty has found a lifelong family in you, Aurora, and Acacia. And you've made a lot of people smile today after reading how you longed for him. Hug Marty for all of us!

Great story, the kids and Marty will benefit greatly from this relationship. It's nice to hear good news once in a while.

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