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Introductions My co-educator, Tiffany and I were thrilled to meet with this year’s Visiting Scholars from Japan.  Hosted by the Delta Society, these students of animal welfare professions traveled to Washington to learn from expert organizations.  Despite feeling some jet lag, these 17 adult students along with their teachers and interpreters were eager to learn about PAWS.

In addition to a tour of the shelter, Foster Care Coordinator Rebecca Oertel delighted the group with a visit from Chip, a three-legged tabby who charmed the crowd with his lovable personality as he soaked up all their hugs and admiration.  Megan Wolf, their Delta Society host thought they should “draft” Chip. “He would be the perfect therapy cat.”

Chip They received a warm welcome from Cindy Kirkendall at the wildlife center and were amused as they watched the playful antics of the bear cubs on the lobby’s TV monitors. The students were impressed with the quality and expert care we provide to all the animals in our shelter and wildlife center, as well as the lessons of compassion we offer through our outreach and education programs. They even took up a collection for PAWS during their visit.

It’s so encouraging to see their dedication and desire to learn. Despite the devastation that has rocked their nation they’ll be bringing hope and care during such challenging times.
Keiko Yamazaki, Delta Instructor and CEO of Companion Animal Study Group Go in Japan, and a friend of PAWS, sent us an email during those earlier days of the earthquake, which reveals the dedication they all feel:

“The clinics that are "still standing" are sending their vets far into the disaster area to do whatever needs to be done quickly. My heart goes out to these vets who are working day and night for the animals. Though there is still much work to be done please tell the world that the Japanese have not forgotten about their animals.”

Clearly, compassion and caring for animals is a universal language.



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