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I've been busy the last couple weeks. Not too busy for my buddies here at PAWS, though! Anyway, here are some more wonderful guys looking for forever homes:


Paco. Newfoundland/Labrador Retriever Mix

This guy is one big puppy! Playfull and tons of energy.



Dawson. Labrador Retriever mix

A little shy, a little goofy. This particular model comes with both droopy and straight ears.



Copper. Beagle.

I'm a sucker for pretty eyes and this girl has 'em. Hard to see sometimes as she likes to keep her nose to the ground.


Bonus photo:

I didn't catch this little guy's name but he apparently he likes to ride on the backs of PAWS volunteers.



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Great photos and captions! Thanks so much.

is the newfy/lab still available for adoption?

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