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My battery died last week, but we're back this week with some fresh faces. Enjoy and tell your friends!

IMG_5548 copy

Wally. Great Dane/Pitbull

This guys is still a puppy but he's already becoming a gentle giant.


IMG_5761 copy

Moose. Pitbull mix

Aside from not being too keen on the flash he's a good guy befitting of his name (minus the big horns).


IMG_5771 copy

Sky. Border Collie mix.


He loves to curl up right next to you. This is a great guy that wants a forever home.


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Iam so interste n number 3

Where did you get this dog from. He looks like my fiance's dog that he use to have. We had to rehome him at the time because we had lost our jobs. The guy that we had rehomed him with lived in Knoxville, TN. We had named him "little bit".

We are a local organization in Washington State, and all the dogs at our shelter come from the public near us, or as transfers from other Washington shelters that don't have space.

Hey so I was looking up pics to see what kind of dog I have cuz he us a mix. And it turns out that Wally. The black pit great Dane. I adopted him last week from the shelter and the picture u have is he has the same markings my dog has just thought it was funny.
PS. his name is Ralph now ((:

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