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Black-Bear-110222-in-runs-cage-031711_web On March 17 PAWS Wildlife Center received a new female Black Bear cub from Oregon. The cub was captured on March 8 after she was spotted wandering around the town of Central Point, with her mother nowhere in sight.

Although she appears to be over a year old, the cub has had a rough first year. She was very weak when captured, weighing in barely over 10 pounds and completely emaciated.

The cub spent nine days in the care of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and was examined by a veterinarian.

She had no injuries, but her blood work showed that she was suffering from anemia. She was fed and kept comfortable, and by the time she arrived at PAWS she had begun to perk up.

She huffed and smacked her lips at us as we transferred her from her transport carrier to one of our large bear enclosures. It was meant to be a threat display, but it was almost comical coming from such a tiny little bear.

With proper care and nutrition here at PAWS, this cub will have the size and strength to back up her threat displays in the not-too-distant future.


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why the anemia? intestinal parasites? or just poor nutrition?

The cub did not have a high parasite load, nor did she have any injuries. The anemia seems to be the result of her nutritional deficit, and it has been improving now that she is receiving steady meals.

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